Stacy R

So apparently my mom has got it going on; or at least that’s what everyone sings to me anyway once they figure out what my name is. Yes, my name is Stacy. I am a York U teacher candidate with a passion forFullSizeRender oxymorons, connecting Shakespeare to the 21st century and ultimately connecting my two teachable subjects together, English and history.

I’m an avid journal writer. I happen to be the type who both wishes to keep my avid journal writings secret, while simultaneously secretly wanting to have them published one day. I’m an obsessed romantic. I can watch episodes of the Bachelor every day or read Paulo Coelho’s poetry or fiction on the go.  I am a passionate technological communication user. I can create a serious comic, a photoshop graphic or even choose the best filter and caption for an Instagram picture. I am therefore the epitome of a combination of literature, technology and modern day media favourites. I, therefore, desire to one day instil these passions amongst my future students. Follow me on my journey through learning and teaching English and applying it to the 21st century.