Luke ‘The Duke’ MacDonald


Hello readers!

My name is Luke MacDonald and I am 22 year old University of Guelph graduate who is now pursuing his B.Ed at York University. I am a walking and talking basketball almanac who is also obsessively interested in all forms of literature whether it comes in prose, poetry, or random scribblings on a bathroom stall.

I am all about merging my love of literature with my interests in contemporary culture in order to create a more engaging relationship with my hobbies and passions. In doing so, I hope to generate a more educated view of my interests that is informed by their historical contexts, as well as the contemporary narratives and dialogues that my interests are generating. I firmly believe that when a narrative appears straightforward and simple, like the ones that arise during a game of basketball, it is actuality inviting us to discover the multiple layers of meaning and insight that it is embedded with.

To continue the basketball metaphor, I figure it is fitting that I use a Michael Jordan quote to summarize this approach to literature.

“Basketball is more than a game; it is a teacher of life”

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope my creations and insights into literature, culture, and media are able to both inform and entertain.

Life. Love. Literature.

-The Duke

Contact Email:      Contact Phone #: 416-303-4588

Works by this author:

Ode to Starman

David vs Goliath

Perspiration & Perception

The Handmaid’s Tale Essay- “Gilead Knows No Bounds” 

Extra works/Marginalia: 

Ahimsa in The Bhagavad Gita