Hi I’m Labeeda!

Born in London, England (no I don’t have the accent sadly) raised in Maple, Ontario (aka “that place where Canada’s Wonderland is”).

I’m a passionate doodler, devoted Blue Jays fan, and an avid reader of historical fiction and mystery novels. Currently, I’m trying to follow people’s advice of “enjoying the university life, while it lasts” as an English major, history minor, and concurrent education student.

I believe that literature is a powerful tool that can impact a person’s life in numerous ways. From escaping into a fictitious world, to learning about the “other”, people can create, encounter, and experience endless possibilities through reading and writing. What excites me is that as a future English and history teacher, incorporating literature in my classes will allow me to not only engage and inspire my students, but also be a life-long learner.


My works:

Free Verse Poem: Only You Ever Will 

Twine Trivia Game: Two Truths, One Lie 

Twine Photo Library: Things That Make You a ’00s Kid

The Handmaid’s Tale Critical Essay: Intellectual and Narrative Rebellion in The Handmaid’s Tale