Darrell Gilkes


I was born on January 2, 1993. I then died 5 minutes afterwards, but was resuscitated with brain damage. As a result, I have the disability called Cerebral Palsy. It’s basically like having 3 beers in you, but it’s all the time! Despite this, I have learned to overcome my physical challenges, and have decided to become a History/English High school Teacher to inspire and motivate kids to do their best in the classroom! I also aspire to help in Special Education, showing kids that even though they may have physical or mental exceptions, they too can succeed if they try hard enough!

I also would like to say that I am an aspiring author. In fact, my first pieces are currently being published in a book called “Seeing Beyond the Surface” and it’s due out in May (very exciting for myself), I really do love writing a lot and its power to express how we feel/do in our lives. As far as literature goes, I’m not a big fan of reading (though I’m working to try and change that) though I will say that my favorite book I’ve ever read is The Great Gatsby!

In my spare time, I’m a vinyl junkie who’s obsessed with 1980s culture who has a love for lasagna and basically any other italian food that includes some form of tomato sauce. I go to a lot of concerts, old and new, because music is a very big part of my life. I also love to volunteer, and do good things to help build up communities!