Aspiring English and Biology teacher born and raised in Richmond Hill but will always call the 6ix’s corner of College Street and Manning Avenue home.

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Once upon a time – while reading fairy tales of princesses saved and carried on horseback by their prince heroes – I became fascinated with the idea that characters in stories experienced the same emotions, real world conflicts, and memorable events as I did. As I grew up, the stories became mere myths and legends while “English,” itself, became the platform through which I could explore, create, and critique all the familiar themes, character traits, and plots I had come to love. Since English incorporates all topics and areas of interest, it is encountered at all times and presented in a vast array of modes and forms – some of which you will find here.

Essentially, “We do English” every day.

As you explore 416Lit, I hope you’re left with no doubt about how enchanting English can be.


Works by this Author:

The Global Village

From Orange to Yellow to Blue to Black

A Post-Modernist’s Tale of a Handmaid

How to Measure a Dream