Anarchist Banana

I am a radical feminist anarchist queer afro-punk, disguised as a typical privileged white girl –> of German and/or Jewish decent. I do Fringlish, Germanish, Arabinese, Japamil, and Ojibwihili. I have studied 12 languages, that is to say, I speak (give or take) 3.This English I do is a malleable tool I am using.

I’m here to follow my dreams in revolutionizing education, or at very least to reinvent the wheel. I worship at the alter of Beyonce, straightedge burning man, try everything, and breathe in questions. I highly recommend you kindly question everything I don’t say?

I see the world through a spiritual lens that I can’t quite describe. I believe in the idea behind the word God. My spirit is so strong, almost to much for this uncomfortable and awkward body. Any credit due, comes from the pieced together Queendom of my incredible family. If I can leave one thing behind in the wake of my Kali like destruction, it would be the rich, black, fertile soil designed for the seeds of healing; the seeds of peace.

I am not teacher. I am reluctant and obsessive compulsive leader, eager to enact my studies in Karma Yoga.  I have been playing this gig since I could get all the other kindergarten kids to do what I say. It is safe to say 22 years of experience, has added a degree of finesse to my teaching practice. I have since moved on from The School of Benevolent Dictator.

‘Who I am’, is who I write by: I only wish I were less afraid to show more crazy.