Ameera M

My Name is Ameera and I am a teacher candidate at York University.

​I created a life plan at the naive age of 10. I had started middle school and the teachers were starting to ask us questions: What do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Although I had only grasped the concepts of experiences directly around me, I did not wish to investigate any further; I knew exactly what I wanted to be. My life plan became finalized as I grew older, but from the young age of 10 it still remains the same: 1. To become engaged at the age of 23 as the star of a public, romantic spectacle, 2. to have an extravagant wedding at the age of 25, with a cream and blush inspired colour palette and 3. to become a teacher. Presently, the first two points on my list seem to be veering into complications, however the third aspiration remains the most certain. I am fervently dedicated to becoming a teacher, and my passion for teaching grows stronger each day closer to achieving my life goal.

I am in the Intermediate/Senior division and my teachables are English and Visual Art, two subjects that I am extremely passionate about. I believe they are the strongest forms of expression, and the most important subjects to make one a well-rounded individual. Through teaching these two subjects, I foresee endless possibilities to become a successful teacher and strong leader in society.

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