Thomas King once said “The truth about stories is, that’s all we are” while also importantly adding that “you have to be careful with the stories you tell, and you have to watch out for the stories that you are told”.

As a group of young English educators, our primary concern is stories we reveal to our students, and the narratives that they ever so carefully share with us. This website, 416lit, is a testament to our own narrative expertise, and can be viewed as a showcase of the stories we wish to put out into the world. This is not a vain display of our writerly abilities however; rather, it an exemplar for the variety of literary expressions one can undertake. We have used a variety of genres in our submissions to illustrate how one can express their thoughts, desires, and ambitions, in an assortment of fashions.

Most importantly, we hope that we can inspire our future students to undertake a similar literary expedition, and have their quandaries, philosophies, and fantasies realized in literary artifacts of their own creation. For if we cannot empower our students as writers and creators of their own narratives, how do we except them to positively shape the narrative that is their own lives?

-Luke “The Duke” MacDonald