Role models – The power of looking up to someone, in dreaming.

Having a role model is a powerful tool that we can use in dreaming. Believing in the the good of another and having someone set themselves as your example provides and anchor to guild you on your dream journey.

What is dreaming without someone to inspire us to be better? Humans mimicking other humans is how we began this life. As babies we watched our parents, siblings, guardians, family and friends. This is how we grew and how we learned to be in this world. This process of idolizing and learning from someone ‘greater’ becomes more selective as one ages. But the people who we choose as our role models varies widely, whether it is Martin Luther King, to one’s big sister, to a student we teach or our own children.

The choices we make about who we want to drive us to our dreams are not always logical. For example, in my case, I really despise pop culture. I grew up believing that most of it was trash, and harmless drivel, from which nothing was to be gained. This however has not stopped me from falling in love with and completely idolizing Beyonce.

Why do I dream of becoming her? I think its because she is a powerful woman. I identify with her because we share a similar identity. Our shared identity makes me believe that if she can do it, I can do it. (Whether this is true or not is another debate completely.) My love for her is partly intellectual. Though she has an entire team of people helping her produce work, she symbolizes the author of the message. I find her message to be empowering.

As an artist I find the messages that she writes in her songs, and her music videos are able to gently subvert the narratives of main stream. What I like about it is that it is entertaining but it is not so aggressive. Its gentle. It changes the world slowly but powerfully.  Its saying that black women are beautiful and they are diverse and while they have been silenced they have strong, incredible stories and voices. It doesn’t criticize mainstream for doing something wrong. It simply makes it ‘wrong’ right.

The reason I became a teacher is because I had an inspiring teacher. Someone who connected me to this world. Who made me feel like I was good even though all other sources made me feel like I was bad. Her kind actions were so affective in my life that I wanted to share that with others. The dream of becoming a teacher was born.

We can’t underestimate the power of having a role model guide on our way to achieving our dreams.