Night Time Dreams – Linking the secular vs spiritual dynamic.

Writing down the dreams you have while you sleep has the ability to allow humans to consciously tap into our own subconscious. There are many was to learn to remember one’s dreams. There are books written about the practice as well as resources online. Recording dreams teaches some of the skills one needs to dream such as tapping into ones subconscious mind.


One of the reasons I think dreaming is not accepted is that schools in Ontario are regulated by a secular agenda. (This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just creates a conditional environment.) Spirituality, and its close relationship to religion is out of favour by the popular masses and stakeholders of public education. The fear then is that dreaming is some sort of spiritual practice, and therefore should not be taught by schools. This journal is going to link dreaming to the secular. I would also propose that even if dreaming were close to the realm of spirit then it doesn’t matter if it helps students and people gain something worth while in their lives.

I would argue that dreaming is a very secular thing to do. It can be spiritual too, it just depends on your point of view and experience in life. Dreaming is closely linked to our subconscious, which for me, is the subject of psychology. Using psychology as the tool which guides us through dreaming allows one to satisfy stakeholders straight-right-angle approaches to education.

In schools I would argue that we spend a lot of time exploring a slightly left brained curriculum with more logic, more concrete subjects of ‘value’. This is why math, English, science are always funded and mandatory until the bitter end, while teachers’ hearts break when art, drama, music are not funded. But psychology is a science, albeit a flexible one. Its at least as flexible as the human mind, which in studying the history of humans and the variety of cultures around the world, is to say more flexible than I can even begin to imagine. Studying night time dreams is ok when practiced under the field of psychology.

The benefits of following these often non-sensical narratives will put the student in touch with their subconscious. The skills developed from this, will help students learn about themselves. In  understanding oneself, it becomes easier to create a dream.