The Words

I read once that there is nothing to writing

you just sit down at a typewriter

and bleed.

I think you can

learn a dictionary, study a thesaurus, travel the universe,

but still lack the emotional rawness

to beautifully string together

broken words.


And poetry has this misconception

that to be admired and felt

it must be damaged and foreboding.

I think the best poetry is

not structured, not theoretical, not rational.

It comes deep from within

and invites people to experience

the loss and love imposed upon

mere words.


This isn’t to say that poetry

can’t be love and pastoralism

and dreams and hopes.

The most visceral of writing

isn’t always ideal and optimistic.

I think the true criterion of literature

is that the author experiences

some release, some catharsis, some awakening

that made worthwhile

his words.


I can’t be held accountable

for your reaction to my work

because I am not responsible for

the circumstances in which I was placed,

the atmosphere to which I was exposed,

the ache to which I was subjected.

I think you shouldn’t want

my experiences, my thoughts, my feelings.

You have your own.

That’s the story for your poetry

when you’re ready to give it

your words.