Madness in Metaphors



This work is inspired by a poem that I read about words to explore

It was a poem about winter, seasons, called the Motive for Metaphor

It was by a man named Stevens whose first name is Wallace I recall

So I’ll share with you a collection of metaphors because I wonder if you’ve heard them all


For those who procrastinate and find that they run out of time

The related saying is that a stitch in time saves nine

Even if you don’t stitch I’m sure it makes sense

That if you plan things ahead than the workload gets less intense


When you manage to plan and take things by the hour

You’re able to do more in regards to organization and power

To take charge in goals and by working hard you will see

It is an 800 pound Gorilla that you will be


But when it comes to thinking about others based on one thing or another

They say it’s best never to judge a book only by its cover

To do so might cause tension or leave things unspoken

The elephant in the room sits there waiting for the silence to be broken


Why do you think the saying is ignorance is bliss?

Because it stops you from thinking about who’s that, where’s it, and what’s this.

And fear is a beast that feeds on attention

Waiting for triggers of memories of things other people might mention


To feel yourself hopeless like a leaf in the sky

Can be described by the saying of being left high to dry

And if that sky starts to rain a little too rough

Saying it’s raining cats and dogs will simply be enough


There are so many ways to describe feelings with words

Using all types of poetic phrases just waiting to be heard

The power in words is inspiring for any girl or boy

Teaching them to have passion in language may leave some jumping for joy   


On a more serious note there are phrases to say

When things are negative, or never seem to go the right way

To describe hardship, troubles or even the end of life

Kicking the bucket is a way to describe that kind of strife


And those who develop slowly or who have an emotional gap

Are called late bloomers even though there’s nothing wrong with that

Or to find turning back something impossible to do

You’ve reached the point of no return where it’s time to see your plans through


Now why would this be important, these common little phrases

To put it in a nutshell, our words are like mazes

Those who are able to use them with skill just need a little luck

Then soon they can find themselves rolling in dough as they cash in the bucks


If one over uses metaphors just for the sake of it it might be like holding a smoking gun

Feeling guilty of filling each sentence until they feel over run  

To manage to find the perfect balance of metaphors in text avoids a slippery slope

Like all good things, it’s better to try and not fall into a generic trope


One of the sayings I’m sure everyone’s heard

Is not to shoot the messenger as if he were a bird

Because those involved don’t knowingly walk into fire

Bad news to give another is never their desire


And those who argue and misinterpret the facts

Are the ones most defensive when others attack

A tactic of dishonesty in which most aren’t a fan

Much like the Wizard of Oz this is the tactic of being a Straw man  


If you managed to learn just a few of these metaphors from the rhymes just explored

Then hopefully your view has expanded and opened a door

Writers who tame metaphors are the ones who inspire new sayings

It’s survival of the fittest so it’s time to pick up some words and start playing


Read Motive for Metaphor here:

Olivia P.

Visual Art Major, English Minor. Currently in the Concurrent Education program. Write the story you would want to read. Make the art you would want to see.