An interview with Marcus Hyde

With a staggering fan base of 476K followers on Instagram alone should tell you how big of a social media icon Marcus Hyde is. In a world filled with people trying to abide by the norms, there are select people like Marcus who are changing the game of photography and its relationship with the media. Just this past week Marcus was living out so many people dreams by lounging out with social media celebrity Dan Bilzerian… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Marcus travels the world photographing A-list celebrities such as Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, as well as up and coming artists like Niykee Heaton, Jhene Aiko, and Childish Gambino. Travelling doesn’t stop there for Marcus, as he goes state-to-state hosting photography and modeling workshops with socially acclaimed models. From shooting with Justin Biebers ex girlfriend Yovanna Ventura, shooting major articles for Complex Magazine, being the main publisher of The Great Ones Magazine, to jumping on stage sets with Change the rapper and Tyler the Creator Marcus has done it all. Marcus’ success as a social phenomenon has caused popular brands are such a Young & Reckless to collaborate with Marcus   by presenting his portraits on their new clothing line. The list goes on and on for Marcus of who and what he has accomplished by the age of 28. For someone to be so successful youv’e got to ask “how does he do it?”. Being a model myself I thought it would be amazing to interview Marcus on his thoughts of modeling, photography, censorship and how sexuality is evolving through the media.

Why are you a photographer?
I honestly had no idea I would be a photographer. I filmed skateboarding videos as a kid up until college. I moved to Orlando to attend film school at fullsail. Once I got out of film school I fell into photography. That was only a few years ago.

 What kind of a meaning does a photograph have for you on a personal level?
The photograph just has to say something to me. I have to have some kind of feeling when I see it.

What is a model’s role to you?
A models role to me Is to help me produce amazing images. Bad models produce bad images.

Who or where do you find inspiration from?
Inspiration can come from anywhere, songs, movies, just everyday life.

What is the hardest setback you’ve ever experienced in your profession?
Not really sure. I would say just people not believing in me until they start seeing I’m actually doing things and going places.

Do you think social media is evolving in a way that is benefiting or hurting the industry?
I feel like there’s pros and cons with social media. Social media can connect you to people you normally wouldn’t be able to get in touch with. The negative to this is the industry is becoming more and more saturated.

How is photography evolving in your eyes?
It’s evolving by making it easier to showcase your work to people all over the world via social media. Also cameras are getting smaller, better, and cheaper for consumers.

What do you think about the idea of women being commonly shot in the nude or with minimal clothing? Do you think the model deserves certain treatment because of the wardrobe choice?
I think people should accept it. Men and women should both be respected. Everyone has their own choice on what they chose to or chose not to wear .

What are your thoughts on censorship? I think censorship is pointless. Everyone knows what the human body looks like.

Do you see a difference between the typical model whofinds fame through an agency who books head shots and bookings for them (conventional way) or someone who gains a career through social media popularity?

Huge difference. I have friends who are real working models and friends that are instafamous. One works harder than the other.

You’ve said in previous interviews and on your social media accounts that leaving the conventional education system was one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. What brought you to undergo your decision of choosing to become a photographer on your own terms instead of sticking it out in school?
It’s upsetting that school doesn’t tell you how hard it can be to get a job out of college in your field. I learned that on my own and pushed myself to make it on my own.

If you could make any suggestions to young people who want to pursue their dreams but are afraid to what would it be?
Network with everyone & stay persistent.

What would you say to young females who want to pursue modeling in the ever-changing world we are in now?
Do your research on the industry and the people you work with.
What has it been like to constantly shoot with famous models and celebrities?
I looked at them like celebrities until I started to work them and realized they are just normal people.

What has been one of the most exciting/memorable memories that you have created while being a photographer?
Nothing in particular comes to mind but just being able to travel and get paid.

Looking forward to the future what’s your plan?
I have no idea what the future will bring. Just hoping I make a name for myself before I die.

Erica H.

On weekdays I'm either working my derriere off at York University, or volunteering with high school students. On weekends I model, manage my company, and travel the world. I work very hard to keep my passions of modelling and teaching separate, which has been the cause as to why I haven't had a day off since September. I love making jerk chicken. I love fashion a little too much, and I really can't stand tank tops paired with scarves. I want to be able to connect my loves of English and Social Science together to come up with some sort of career where I can help people.