Faces in Nature


The following two pieces were adapted from my Canon Rebel 350X camera from this previous Summer. From the photos my mother and I noticed that we could make out creative faces in the natural pieces. Each painting took about two months and a lot of love.

painting of an old man
THE OLD MAN: This painting came across from the various lines that represent age marks, wrinkles, and facial expression represented to me through bark lines.The painting based off a photo taken from a bark formation from a tree in my yard
real face 1
ACTUAL IMAGE: This was the first of the many photos where faces have been identified to me through nature. The image depicts an old man looking to the left with  worried but solemn facial expressions.
the soldier
THE SOLDIER: Though this painting has a face pulled out more from my imagination than the OLD MAN piece, it still was quite enjoyable to do. The painting was based off of a rock formation at my cottage that I’ve always looked at in an odd way.
real face 2
ACTUAL IMAGE: The actual image presented a picture to me that depicted a fallen soldier with his war helmet still on. I really loved the stillness of the water this day and how playful the colours are.



Erica H.

On weekdays I'm either working my derriere off at York University, or volunteering with high school students. On weekends I model, manage my company, and travel the world. I work very hard to keep my passions of modelling and teaching separate, which has been the cause as to why I haven't had a day off since September. I love making jerk chicken. I love fashion a little too much, and I really can't stand tank tops paired with scarves. I want to be able to connect my loves of English and Social Science together to come up with some sort of career where I can help people.